Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nat's Article Writing Service: What I Do

Hi and welcome to the home of Nat's Article Writing Service.

What I provide:
  • Quality, unique content written entirely by myself
  • Native English speaker and writer
  • Knowledge of SEO best practices (see: keyword density, making things "look natural" to the search engines while bringing in the most possible qualified traffic)
  • Ability to write convincingly about every topic under the sun
  • Quick and honest communication with clients through e-mail
  • Currently at a very affordable rate: $0.02 / word. (400 word article = $8, etc.)
  • Easy payment through Paypal
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Flexibility: I can take on a 1-article or a 20-article project
I established Nat's Article Writing Service because I saw that there was a gap in the "outsource your content creation" market. Website publishers who wish to outsource their blog or article writing basically have two options:
  1. Outsource to writers in a foreign country. The product you will receive may be quite cheap, but it will also be barely readable, and it will be painfully obvious to anyone visiting your site that you hired someone halfway across the globe to produce complete garbage for you. This type of writing could give the search engines a red flag about your site, causing it to get punished in the all-important rankings, or even entirely thrown out of Google's index.
  2. Use a higher-quality text broker who is actively screening their writers. You can get decent, readable content that will pass a visual inspection if you use this route, but you will end up paying at least twice what I'm charging for the same content. Most article brokers will take at least 50% of what they charge you before they pass the remainder on to their authors. As a result you will pay approximately twice what the actual writing is worth, when found in a direct two-party market.
In the sidebar on the right, I have provided links to some of my "pet" sites. All the writing was done by me. It's there to give you an idea of the quality of my output.

Please don't think that those are the only topics I can write about. I have successfully written articles in a variety of topics for website owners. Many of those topics I had never even heard of before I was contacted to do business! Yet, my clients have consistently sent me smiley faces and "This is terrific!" notes when they received their articles back from me, regardless of the topic.

The best way to contact me is to e-mail me here:

|||| nathunt ||||
||||||||| at ||||||||||
|||||| gmail ||||||
|||||||| dot |||||||||
|||||||| com ||||||||

Real reactions from real clients:
  • Hi all, I want to tell you that Nat did a great job with the articles I gave him to write. He gets an endorsement for now because I can't afford to pay much for articles but as soon as I can afford him I will remove my endorsement so I can keep him to myself.
    Thanks Nat great job.
  • Hi there, just wanted to vouch for Nat's writing skills and overall professionalism. I asked him to write me 5 x 500 word articles on a subject that would bore the tits off anyone not passionate about it.

    Nat came up with 5 unique, well written articles that I'll be proud to use. Not only that, the turn around time was great, and the articles have a personality of their own.

    After being bitten by cyberhub, I would definitely recommend steering clear of them and going with Nat. Thanks man.

  • I've now purchased articles from C&C Articles, CyberHub, TextBrokers and from Nat here on the forums. CyberHub was without a doubt the worst of the bunch. I had to rewrite a few sentences here and there and correct some grammar. But all the rest have been really excellent! I think my next purchase will be from TextBrokers and Nat, as they were the best and were both really quick. TextBrokers got me 2 articles within 24 hours and Nat got me one within an hour. It's so nice to have someone else do the writing for you!
  • Nat is definitely a winner.
  • EXCELLENT! Thank you.
  • I just looked at the first article and I wanted to say thanks before going to bed. It is great, I am very happy... I have paid for articles that were awful, so this is a thrill for me to have something I can use.
    I will be making some headway with that site now.
  • Hey Nat,
    Very pleased.
  • nat...
    I'm really impressed
    nice work, man
    i love it, you've really put some personality ito it
    thanks so much